"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Romana II Cosplay

 So I decided to make up Romana the 2nds outfit from 'City of Death' which if you don't know is from Doctor Who.
Most of it is stuff I already had like the shirt, jacket and hat. I just had to buy the tie (£2 Primark) and make the pinafore dress. I also created the sweets pinbadge using polymer clay.
I know the hat band is wrong colour, and I need the motif on the jacket...but I'm gonna upgrade the outfit bit by bit.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #17 - Yellow (Fingerloop Cord)

The Challenge: #17 Yellow

Fabric: N/A

Pattern: Used instructions found on youtube
Year: 'Medieval'
Notions: Embroidery floss

How historically accurate is it? I'm not sure how accurate the floss is but the technique is historical.

Hours to complete: 2 hours...yes really. I was learning as I went along.

First worn: N/A
Total cost:Must be under £1 I have a bargain pack of embroidery thread.

and as part of my complete bag...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jane Austen Festival 2014 - the Report

Finally got home last night and was sorting through all my photo's. I wanted to share with you the images and review of the Jane Austen festival in Bath this year.
Lets start with the ubiquatus photo of all my outfit laid out...
I didn't wear my shawl in the end as it was quite warm that day and I was already juggling reticule and parasol etc.

Shockingly in the picture above you can see my chemise was showing. I thought I'd just pretend it was a chemisette as I had not had time to make a new shift with the right neckline.

Had to take the bus into town then walk to the venue...had one person do a double take and almost walk into the road when he saw us and quite a few cars bibbing their horns as they passed. lol! Got stopped on way to the vanue by tourists asking for photo's...that's one thing I always forget to allow time for people who ask to have photo with you.

Finally we made it to the Assembly Rooms. Finding everyone waiting to join the queue to go in and be counted for the world record.

The town crier chap was doing his best to herd cats get everyone to line up and file inside. I stayed outside a little while to take some photo's of the costumes on display. I'm still perfecting the art of the sneaky photo. lol! A few ideas for next times costume.
We all were led through into the room where the count was taking place. It was very warm with so many people and not a few of the ladies were putting fans to good use.

I met several people I had spoken to at the festival last time I had attended and we had good conversation while waiting for the more to arrive and be counted. More on the 'count' here.

After much cheering and waving for photo's from the balcony 'Mr Wickham' made his speech and got asked why he wasn't in costume. lol! The record broken there was a shout of 'huzzah!' and people began to file out.
There was a bit of a pileup in the octagon room as the ladies stopped to have their likeness taken with Mr Wickham. ;)
Loved these 3 ladies outfits. I think I was outranked by lady on the left though looking at the gold braid. ;)
Then we joined back of a queue leading out of the assembly rooms...

Once we got out wasn't quite sure where we were supposed to go and if it had started off already...but noticed a parade of costumes trailing off and followed them. They seemed to do a loop round and back to the assembly rooms.

Once back at the start again the music could be heard from the band and redcoats who usually lead the parade and this time everyone followed.

 It seemed to be much busier that in past years. The town was heaving with people standing and watching taking photo's.

I also noticed whereas last time there wasn't any tourists in the parade gardens when the promenaders arrived this time there was quite a few.

 A lot of people gathered at the foot of the slope entrance. Others went over to the bandstand to watch the dancing.

We went to the little cafe at one end of the gardens which had tables and chairs set out as we had not brought food and was quite parched from our walk.
 It had a nice view of all that was going on and I hoped to spot some people who I knew were attending.
We had tea, sandwich and a cake while we had the company of a lady who I met last time I came to Bath for the festival. We talked of sewing and costumes before taking a stroll up to the guildhall for the festival fayre.
There was as always lots of pretty stuff on sale. But too expensive or too bulky to transport home. We went and watched the play of pride & predudice downstairs which was amusing as usual.
There was also some music and dancing displays in the hall.

Of course I had to take oppertunity to take some photo's inspired by fashion plate poses.
Regency Wedgie society anyone? ;)

Before heading off back to accommodation to change and have dinner.

Part 2 - what we did on the other days coming soon...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #16 - Terminology (Reticule)

The Challenge: #16 Terminology - Reticule

Fabric: Cotton fabric, lining fabric

Pattern: none. self drafted.
Year: 1795-1820
Notions: Gold trim, gold lacing.

How historically accurate is it? Its the right shape, but due to deadlines I used the machine and the lining is synthetic.

Hours to complete: Took me 1 morning...so couple of hours, that included drafting the pattern.

First worn: N/A
Total cost: Its made from scraps, leftover from my spencer so hard to calculate.

So my submission for the terminology challenge is Reticule. It was final peice in my regency outfit I needed to complete.