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Saturday, June 29, 2013

HSF Challenge #13 Lace and Lacing - Regency Short/Half Stays

The Challenge: #13 Lace and Lacing

Fabric: Floral polycotton, Cream Cotton Twill

Pattern: I started with the Daffydown Dilly Wrap Stay Pattern, but modified it to lace at the back and have adjustable straps.

Year: 1790-1815. I intended it to be more of a transition peice. Inspired by seeing an image of some 'jumps' and thinking of combining the regency short stay with the jumps. As I needed a longer stay but not one that went over my hips.

Notions: Bias binding, cotton tape, embroidery floss and an old cheap corset which I cannibalised for eyelets.

How historically accurate is it? - I was inspired by various images but it developed out of what my needs were to acheive the correct sillouette. The materials aren't exactly period but no one will see under my petticoat and dress.

Hours to complete: I lost count. Been picking it up and putting it down for months.

First worn: N/A

Total cost: Erm....lost track. I only bought the notions really and the cotton twill everything else was from my stash.

Notes: After cutting out the modified pattern I tacked the fashion fabric and lining together and attached the eyelets.

I drew out a rough approximation of where I wanted the cording to go.
Made the hole for the busk to go in. Then started the long process of cording using wool.
Then bound the edges -adding in drawstring on top edge- trimming a little length off the bottom so the curve would allow it to sit above my hips.

Made eyelets on the straps and laced up the back. Using spiral lacing. My first attempt.
Handmade eyelets
 And finally finished the stays. They are longer than short stays but not as long as full stays. A lot of it is me just using what I can find. If I got into re-enacting I'd do it again but with accurate stuff but at the moment these will do.
Back (spiral laces)

This means I can now start on the other layers of my regency outfit.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seaside themed vintage

Well its that time of year again...the local lindy exchange and I've set myself quite a task. A new outfit for each dance. So that's three for the evening dances. The themes go Casual, Vintage, Seaside.
So I decided to have a general nautical feel and blues as a colour running through the outfits.

A boat print 1940's style dress. This is for SEASIDE.
Pattern used  Butterick 5209 (LINK)

Navy blue swing trousers to wear with red and white striped top. This is for VINTAGE.

Pattern used - Eliza M hop swing pants (link)

Blue Polkadot circle skirt (with complimentary top.) The is is for CASUAL.

Pattern used - Simplicity 3847 (LINK)

So one from each era near enough....hope you like them.