"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, October 30, 2014

MCM Comicon Oct 2014 - the Report

So I only went for the saturday. This was first time at mcm comicon. I had been to a few events at the excel before so I knew the route was a easy one. I have to say it was much more organised than LFCC on the queuing front. Clear signs, high up so you could see them and pleanty of stewards spread out telling you where to go and what queue to join. I was however a little dissapointed by the choice of talks and number/choice of guests which to be honest didn't interest me.
We got there at just after 10am and the crowds moved steady, until you got inside where it suddenly all sped up. It was actually a good chance to see cosplays as people passed back and forward.

Once we picked up out wristbans and got in the main area we headed stright into the first 'hall'. There was stalls further than the eye could see and that was just one of two halls. I plan of action was needed, working theough them systematically. We got a few people ask for photo's on the way which was great.
Had a nice conversation with a steampunk comicbook artist. I'm not a comic fan but her stuff wasn't all scantily clad females and blokes with guns which is usual comic fayre. It was actually something I would read.
There was also a stall selling little steampunk novelties...I couldn't resist buying the 'emergency teabags'.

But it was soon lunchtime and my feet were aching so much so stopped at a stand for tea and lunch.
There was a lot on the stalls to tempt you, I had a very limited budget so I couldn't buy all I liked. There was a stand doing professional photo's so I thought I'd get a proper photo while my cosplay was still pristine.
There was a Steampunk area. It was quite compact so I had to be careful not to clear the tables with my bustle.
 There was some nice outfits on show as well as steampunked memorabelia.

 My fave outfit was the 7th doctor version.

It took a little while to start to pluck up the courage to ask others for photo's. But once we got outside there was more space to stop and take photo's.
 The place was packed. People sitting in every available space.
 Milling around and stopping to ask for photo's.
 I even got a few photo's I liked of myself which is very rare. There was a Doctor Who photoshoot and as I was in my femme 8th doctor outfit I joined in the classic's line up.
 There's was nearly a full line up..

who shrunk the TARDIS?

 There was even a Missy cosplayer already.
And Captain Jack was having his usual effect on the doctor's companions it seems. lol!
It was nice to meet and chat with the other doctor who cosplayers. There was even two other femme doctors.

I cut off my head because although this is good photo of the outfit...my wig had slipped out of postion and just looked silly. How do you keep wigs in place all day? It started off ok but even with a million pins and a wig cap it moved. I wonder if it was because the weight of the hair was all at the back and a more balanced distribution would balance it more.

Monday, October 27, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #20 - Alternative Universe (Fan)

The Challenge: #20 Alternative Universe

Fabric: N/A
Pattern: N/A
Year: 1770-1880 well any era really...time travel you see

Notions: Plain Fan, watercolours

How historically accurate is it? As this is alt universe I went off on a tangent. I used 18th and 19th century fans for my inspiration, but I made it tie in with the Doctor Who theme.

Hours to complete: 3 hours ish with drying time.

First worn: 25th October

Total cost: £5.99

Every Timelady needs her own sonic fan...

I decided to incorperate symbols from Doctor Who. In the Centre of course the TARDIS on a yellowy-orange background to represent gallifrey.

To the right some Gallifreyan writing as featured in the new series.

To the left the Seal of Rassilon to represent the classic series.

And scattered in between various timelord symbols. And on the edge questionmarks a symbol that appeared in the latter half of classic 'who'. So the fan represents Past, present and future.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jane Austen Festival 2014 - the Report - part 2

Well on the 2nd day after having the B&B owner take out photo and catching the bis into town we stopped for lunch at the Georgian Tea Rooms. Where there was a live pianist.

The cake was so yummy it dissapeared before I could take a photo! lol!
Then we strolled over to the Holbourne Museum for the tour we had pleanty of time so had a nose around. Then realised I had left tickets back at the B&B. So we rushed back to the TIC to ask if we could get replacement tickets. The 'box office' was closed but the lady in the shop phoned up and found out that our names were on the list so it would be ok. So we then had to rush back to the museum. Phew!
The lady giving the tour on the 'pleasure gardens' was very informative and it was nice that she had dressed up.

 Lots of standing on bridges....
 One of the views...
...and vistas.
 We walked beside the canal. The building on top has a hatch so they could drop stuff onto boats coming past.
 We were shown the old 'grotto' that may have been part of the maze at sydney gardens...

 Under the bridge...
 We saw a few canal boats too.

 some more of the archetechture...
 then we took a windy walk back to the river and pultney bridge.
 And the tour ended at the parade gardens.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Steampunk 8th Doctor - Latest incarnation!

So I started out with using what I had already. The tea dyed shirt. The green waistcoat. The cravat. The green skirt.
I also upgraded my steampunk sonic. Adding some wire and 'gems'. I also took a broken watch that was on a necklace, snapped off the front cover then glued a safety pin to the back (so I can use it as tie pin) and set it to just before 12.00midnight.
I also restyled a cheap wig. Trimming the fringe and curling it. Then platting the rest then folding it over at back and sewing in place leaving curls to show on top. I also added a green ribbon.

Now back to the skirt I have several options: I can either use green skirt alone

That's when I had a lightbulb moment. I'll make it into a bustle dress. So I added a peplum to the back of the waistcoat, a ruffle to the skirt hem and made a bustle support.

I also found an old watch chain, added a key to it. Sewing it to one of the waistcoat 'points' and then used a safety pin to attached to the other point.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #19 - HSF Inspiration (Bustle)

The Challenge: #19 HSF Inspiration - Transdimensional Bustle

Fabric: Cotton.

Pattern: Used instructions from american duchess to give me a rough guide but mainly lots of drafting and bodging. lol!
Year: 1870's
Notions: Boning, lacing cord.
How historically accurate is it? There are examples of similar types of support for the era.

Hours to complete: 3 hours-ish. More if you include time I took to make mock up.

First worn: N/A
Total cost: at a guess £20

Well there were several angles of inspiration here. Firstly American Duchess tutorial on how to make a lobster tail bustle. The other being this HSF participants bustle which showed you could make it a more modest size. And finally the TARDIS interior.

And here is how it looks with the skirt over it....
And on the dress form once I'd added a ruffle to disguise my wonkey hem due to 'upcycling' a skirt not meant to be worn with one. lol