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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Sewing - contest 2012 (Style 2516)

Vintage Contest

So I've picked the pattern 'Style 2516' its from 1978. 

Just to proove it is from 1978 and fits the criteria a photo of the copyright date

Update 1:
So I didn't get round to getting new material and just went with what I had. I've made a start. Seems quite straightforward.
Fabric and two choices of buttons
One thing I've noticed there's no interfacing in the collar or cuffs like in the other shirts/blouses I've made before. So it will be interesting to see what difference it makes.

Just a point as the pattern had been used before it had a few tares which meant I had to be a bit carefull cutting out.

Update 2:
Pinning stuff together ready for stitching. I'm noticing unlike modern patterns this set of instructions tells you to sew the sides of the blouse up last after you do the collar.

Update 3:
Sewed the darts. Stay Stitches. Facing and shoulders of the blouse. All I need to do now is attach facing to blouse, sew up the sides and add the sleeves...then do the dreaded buttonholes.

Tried the in progress blouse on for size....fits surprisingly well. Realized that if I'd done the facing in contrasting colour I could have had contrasting collar.

Update 4:
Nearly finished just dreaded buttonholes to do. Sleeves seem ok..and the collar is sitting flat as I want it to. I think in future I won't use interfacing in collars....makes them too stiff for my liking.
Chose the pink ones in the end.

wondered if the buttons should be placed differently

Update 5:
Now for some pictures as I've finished the blouse. Yay!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

fabric and prints...

I  spotted this video on british pathe.....


I found it really interesting seeing the same patterned fabrics given different treatments give different results. And the classic' shapes you come across in retro patterns.

It nice to see the kind of prints that were around too.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My project list 2012

....seeing Stitch and Witters post about getting distracted erm...distracted me. lol!
I got the urge to go out and buy fabric.
Isn't the floral fabric Fab?

Now I really need to get organized and make a list...prioritize.

Project: Vintage Pattern competition Blouse
Fabric: my pink dotty patterned fabric.
Notions: Pink buttons
Deadline: Yes   When: April 15th 2012
Completed on: 6th April 2012
Link to post

Project: 1920's style drop waist tunic dress
Fabric: Navy blue polycotton
Notions: white bias binding, mother of pearl buttons - or might buy some gold ones
Deadline: Yes  When: May 2012
Completed on:
Link to post

Project: Horrockses Dress
Fabric: Pink Gingham and Pink polycotton for lining
Notions: zip, hook and eye
Deadline: No
Completed on:
Link to post

Project: Regency Dress (design not confirmed)
Fabric: floral print poly cotton/lining needed
Notions: unknown
Deadline: Yes  When: September 2012
Completed on:

Link to post
Project: Tie
Fabric: unknown
Notions: unknown

Project: Skirt
Fabric: unknown
Notions: zip

Project: Waistcoat
Fabric: unknown
Notions: unknown

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sewing Vintage

Well folks I'm going to have a go at some genuinely vintage patterns not retro reissues but genuinely old. They even smell all musty and have been cut out.
I erm.... bit the bullet and entered the vintage contest at sewing pattern review...Eep! Tis scary.
Vintage Contest
Firstly got to make sure one of the patterns I've picked out fits the criteria. Has to be 1978 or earlier in date.
Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3
Those are my 3 options...although my plan B is to do the 1920's house dress from the pattern archive.

The vintage patterns will involve me having to 'grade' the size up as they are 2-3 sizes too small.
I've never done this before so hopefully if its successful will be a new skill learned.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Speedy patterns...taking time

So I was looking at this pattern in my stash.
Now it says '2 hour pattern' and I like patterns to be quick. In the past I've found these 'speed' claims rather inaccurate. As an 'improver' sewer (not absolute beginner but not intermediate yet) and a slightly impatient one at that I find any time given usually needs to be doubled at least and in my case as I spread my sewing out it ends up adding up to 4 times the time.
I'm hoping once I get the fabric to make up 'A' in some pretty art deco print fabric if I can find it...and folks I will be timing it. I don't count time taken to cut out the paper pattern as I generally do that in advance so I'm not messing about with it on the day. I've also found its quicker to cut fabric out if you mark with chalk then cut rather than pinning the paper pattern in place and cutting round that.
Can anyone point me too some good examples to 20's looking fabric? As again I'm taking a fairly modern pattern and trying to make it look vintage.
Still got a little time as I don't plan to make it till May time.

Edit: Guess what I spotted? Seems I'm going to be on trend. Didn't I tell you before dropped waists were going to be in..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Colette Jasmine - A Review (aka. why I should never sew to a deadline)

Came beautifully packaged...
Day 1
First off I read the booklet from cover to cover...I do prefer that its a booklet instead of wrestling with a oversize sheet. Then I cut out the pattern.
Now the instructions were very clear an easy to follow. And images nice and clear....but (I know there's always a but) with so many sizes on one pattern all the lines were crammed in and it made it very hard to follow and actually impossible in some places to be able to mark the fabric using the pattern.
Eep! which line to follow?

In the end I gave up drew round the biggest size where it wasn't clear and then measured the amount from edge I needed to me in then marked it on the fabric...and in other places took it in on the seams when I was fitting it on myself. It means I wasn't as accurate cutting as I like to be. So it may turn out a bit wonky.
I only wanted contrast on the sleeves so that's what I cut out.

Day 2
After sewing up the bodice I then made the little loop for the ties to go through...what a palaver....I hate having to pull sewing that small inside out...takes ages of poking with a knitting needle to persuade the material to turn inside out.

Day 3
Next I went to sort out the ties and collar to find I'd accidentally cut out an extra set of collar facings instead of the 'short tie section' by mistake. (I have to admit I was rushing as the cutting process took a long time it put me behind schedule....so that was more sewers error than the patterns fault) I think I really should mark the pattern letters on the material next time. So after hastily cutting out the missing pieces I started on the collar.

Utilizing every spare moment I've been sewing away the the tie section and finally finished it while watching 'you never were lovelier' (an old BW musical film). I also managed to pin the tie to the collar in preparation for sewing...might be slightly 'wonky'.

Day 4
Collar all done...bit fiddly but completed in the end.  Started on the sleeves doing version 2. Can't get the 'V' point to well make a V point...
you can see where its pulling away...my own fault.

Looking at front of the blouse I think I made a mistake doing a hand zig zag stitch. I'll go back when I have time and use some red bias binding to cover the centre front seam and some 'mock' buttons.

Day 5/6
Finished the blouse. Yay! Sewed the sleeves and hemmed the blouse. It was only once I was wearing it I realize I'd got 2 left sleeves instead of a left and right. lol! Having fabric the same both sides I really should have marked the 'wrong' side.

Although marked as a beginner pattern I would say for me it was in between beginner and intermediate a 'improver' or 'advanced beginner' label would be more accurate. And I must *never* sew to a deadline...I'm never happy with the result when I do. I think the fact it turned out passable despite me rushing is a positive point. If I spent a whole day rather than just a morning on the cutting I'd have got a better result...and now I know where I'd want to alter things to make it work.

So I would give the pattern 7/10 with potential to move up a few points once I try it again with more drapey material and with no deadline.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swing Dress - wishlist

So I was looking for a good dress pattern that would give that 40's feel but have a swooshy skirt. 
I spotted this on a youtube clip.
And thought it could be adapted into a dress. Now I've got to find a pattern for it.
Btw. I love the shoes!

I have been told that it is probably not a complete dress but a dress a little like a 'skater dress' with tie up shirt over the top. Which is do-able with RTW items.
Something like this and this but with sleeves....and a pair of these lovely shoes.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Simplicity 3847 Shirt - Part 5

It's completed!
I finally finished the shirt. As you can see the sleeves are now cap sleeves adapted from original pattern. 

The buttonholes sewn by hand, buttons added, shirt hemmed.
I think I need to press it again as the collar isn't sitting quite right. But its finished. :)
First entirely completed project that doesn't have 'one little thing' waiting to be done to finish.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sewing Rules?

So reading various books, forums and blogs there are some 'rules' for sewing garments one of them seems to be pre-wash fabrics. The thing is...I've never pre-washed material. There, I said it. I don't pre-wash fabric, never have the time or inclination. I can see how in principal its a good idea but it just seems a lot of hassle. You'd think they'd sell fabrics already washed.

My hand sewn items get handwashed once they are worn anyway.
So any other sewers out there who don't pre-wash fabrics?

Any 'sewing rules' you have broken or ignored?