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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sewing Rules?

So reading various books, forums and blogs there are some 'rules' for sewing garments one of them seems to be pre-wash fabrics. The thing is...I've never pre-washed material. There, I said it. I don't pre-wash fabric, never have the time or inclination. I can see how in principal its a good idea but it just seems a lot of hassle. You'd think they'd sell fabrics already washed.

My hand sewn items get handwashed once they are worn anyway.
So any other sewers out there who don't pre-wash fabrics?

Any 'sewing rules' you have broken or ignored?


  1. I never used to pre-wash fabrics until I had a couple of horror moments where fabric shrunk! Just a little bit, but not only did it mean the garment didn't fit as well, the seams all pucker up and look manky. So these days I prewash as a regular thing.

  2. Well, the idea of pre-washing is to make sure materials don't shrink after they're made up, as MrsC pointed out. I have always tried to pre-wash my materials whenever possible. Most fabrics sold nowadays have a 'finishing' coating on them, and they are much better off for being washed.

  3. My thing about pre washing is, yeah it is a hassle. Especially if I have a lot of yardage and I don't want to cut it before. But I do because, Yikes like Mrs.C, I did sew garments without the prewash and then had some horrible puckery seams that couldn't be ironed out and rendered the garment pretty much useless after that. With expensive fabric, that can be a loss.
    I just view pre washing as a necessary evil that I must do before putting energy into a project.

  4. Once made up I tend to handwash the garments...and I don't use expensive garments. Still being on the learning curve sewing. Most of my makes are wearable muslins. lol!