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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My project list 2012

....seeing Stitch and Witters post about getting distracted erm...distracted me. lol!
I got the urge to go out and buy fabric.
Isn't the floral fabric Fab?

Now I really need to get organized and make a list...prioritize.

Project: Vintage Pattern competition Blouse
Fabric: my pink dotty patterned fabric.
Notions: Pink buttons
Deadline: Yes   When: April 15th 2012
Completed on: 6th April 2012
Link to post

Project: 1920's style drop waist tunic dress
Fabric: Navy blue polycotton
Notions: white bias binding, mother of pearl buttons - or might buy some gold ones
Deadline: Yes  When: May 2012
Completed on:
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Project: Horrockses Dress
Fabric: Pink Gingham and Pink polycotton for lining
Notions: zip, hook and eye
Deadline: No
Completed on:
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Project: Regency Dress (design not confirmed)
Fabric: floral print poly cotton/lining needed
Notions: unknown
Deadline: Yes  When: September 2012
Completed on:

Link to post
Project: Tie
Fabric: unknown
Notions: unknown

Project: Skirt
Fabric: unknown
Notions: zip

Project: Waistcoat
Fabric: unknown
Notions: unknown


  1. Wow I'd love to see how you deal with horrockses dress. I've only seen pictures of these dresses but the history behind them is great.

    1. I found a free pattern on the blog for it
      My first attempt it in a pink gingham...but if that goes well I'll use something a little more expensive.
      I love all the dresses of theirs I see online. But no way I could actually buy a proper vintage one.