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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Sewing - contest 2012 (Style 2516)

Vintage Contest

So I've picked the pattern 'Style 2516' its from 1978. 

Just to proove it is from 1978 and fits the criteria a photo of the copyright date

Update 1:
So I didn't get round to getting new material and just went with what I had. I've made a start. Seems quite straightforward.
Fabric and two choices of buttons
One thing I've noticed there's no interfacing in the collar or cuffs like in the other shirts/blouses I've made before. So it will be interesting to see what difference it makes.

Just a point as the pattern had been used before it had a few tares which meant I had to be a bit carefull cutting out.

Update 2:
Pinning stuff together ready for stitching. I'm noticing unlike modern patterns this set of instructions tells you to sew the sides of the blouse up last after you do the collar.

Update 3:
Sewed the darts. Stay Stitches. Facing and shoulders of the blouse. All I need to do now is attach facing to blouse, sew up the sides and add the sleeves...then do the dreaded buttonholes.

Tried the in progress blouse on for size....fits surprisingly well. Realized that if I'd done the facing in contrasting colour I could have had contrasting collar.

Update 4:
Nearly finished just dreaded buttonholes to do. Sleeves seem ok..and the collar is sitting flat as I want it to. I think in future I won't use interfacing in collars....makes them too stiff for my liking.
Chose the pink ones in the end.

wondered if the buttons should be placed differently

Update 5:
Now for some pictures as I've finished the blouse. Yay!

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