"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, August 29, 2013

HSF Challenge #16 Seperates - Waistcoat

The Challenge: #16 Seperates

Fabric: Poly suiting, polysilk lining

Pattern: McCalls 6149

Year: Well this was inspired by the eighth doctor (doctor who) waistcoat. Which I think is 1870's. But feminised. I think it actually has a 1930's feel to it.

Notions: 3 buttons, interfacing

How historically accurate is it? weeeelllll....as its based on a tv costume and I haven't pinned the year down I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Hours to complete: lost count but about 2 weeks.

First worn: to test the fit yesterday

Total cost: approx £12

Finished waistcoat- you can see I added my tardis key to my pocketwatch chain

Sans buttons

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doctor Who Craftyness

I've been planning to make some buttons for a little while to go on my doctor who waistcoat. But I had lots of the polymer clay left over so....I went a bit crafty mad.

Key and buttons

First I made my buttons with gallifreyian script on....then some 'clock' buttons. Also made a TARDIS key like the one from the doctor who tv movie.

I then made two 'keys....
Ornate key
....one with a fragment of a stone from metabelis 3 in it. ;)
Ornate key 2
I also made a few things to fill some 'bottles' to make those bottle necklaces you find on etsy.
Bottle Necklace

That was fun....might do a few more of those soon.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Dress for Twinwood

I had ticket for the saturday only of Twinwood this year. The forcast was hot and sunny when I started my dress....It was torrential rain by time I finished it. Oh, dear! But I was going to wear it anyway. I changed my shoe plans though...wore my 1940's style clogs.

I chose simplicity 3673 pattern for my dress.

I tissue fitted the pattern on my dress form. I altered the number of darts on the skirt.

 Now the back on the tissue fit came out differently to how it did on the fabric.
Front - fabric pinned together.

 As you can see there was excess in the bodice on the waistline. So I made two darts. I also decided to bias bind the neck and arms. I didn't line the bodice. Now I made a little error.
When trimming the neckline seam I accidentily caught the shoulder back in the scissor blades. oops!
I had to patch it. Then thought I could cover it with lace (see below)

trim pinned on
But when actually trying to sew it on...it wouldn't sit right on the curved neckline, so ditched the idea. Instead I made a matching bolero jacket.

Then made my hat. I wore the dress over my a line petticoat.

Full length with shoes
 The rain was more like showers. Managed to avoid most of the rain and it wasn't too cold at least. although my hat didn't last too long in the rain.

Close up of dress and jacket - I only put lace round the waist in the end.
Did two dance workshops...enjoyed the shopping and watched a few acts. Had great time. hope to go back next year but with more weather appropriate clothing.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1950's hat for Twinwood - Trials and tribulations

Ok so I made my dress (photo's/blog post coming soon) and I needed a hat...well I couldn't go to Twinwood and not have the full 50s ensemble.
Now the problem is, I didn't have the money to buy one or have one made...I couldn't find anything in local vintage shop. Hiring one was too much fuss plus I'd be scared it would get ruined. so I had to make one myself. Unfortunately I decided this even more last minute than I decided to make the dress. So it would have to be cobbled together with what I had to hand.
Firstly I needed to decide on a style. Initially I wanted a close 'cap' or headband style.
But this really didn't look right on me. It sat oddly and wanted to slide off...

So Next I thought with 3 days to go...I'll try the saucer shape hats.

It was simple to make I used a plate, covered the flat base with felt disk padded out with old tights to make my 'mold'. I then made a framework of masking tape. then came the messy bit I used the left over gummed paper tape from my dress form to create the hat.
Note: If you try this over the plate with something like felt or fabric or something or else the gummed paper sticks to the plate and you can't get it off without ripping some of the brim and leaving the plate with paper stuck to it. ooops!
I soon *ahem* rectified the error covering the rips and using some paper covered wire to reenforce the brim. Covering it in another layer of gummed paper.
I then added my decorations, and superglued the comb onto the underside.

I hope noone coments on how its paper. A bit make do and mend I know. But with a few modifications I can see how I could use this technique to make a stiff layer without having to use buckram.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Doctor Who Outfit - Fitting the Jacket

So for my Jacket I'm using Sense and Sensibility Beatrix jacket pattern.

I cut out the largest size in my lining fabric then used that as my toile. basting and pinning to work out the fit.

 Firstly I pinned it to tweak the fit as usual took a big chunk out the waist, but kept the width hip and bust.

Above is with it all basted and coller pinned in and sleeves.
I have to admit having not made a two part sleeve before I tried to do my usual and match up the seamline...errrrrrmmm...this was wrong thing to do. I got a backwards sleeve. lol!
Soonfixed it though...lesson learned. I'm thinking I need to do something to stop the gathered sleevecap collapsing.
I'm also going to add two buttons one above each of the back pleats.

Now I have to unpick all my lovely basting so I can use the lining as pattern to cut out the fashion fabric. Takes forever. And somehow work out how to do the contrast collar.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Doctor Who Outfit - Final Design

Finally got all my patterns and most of my fabric. Some greeny-brown suiting and also some gold lining for the waistcoat.

For my waistcoat I'm using Mcalls 6149 (link)
For the jacket S&S Beatrix Jacket (link).
I wasn't able to find green in the shop so went for some burgandy fabric and suede type fabric for contrast collar.
I just need to draft myself the walking skirt (in same fabric as the waistcoat or in the grey not sure yet.).
My concept Image....looking a bit steampunk-ish. lol! Or maybe its a bit 'Charley Pollard Edwardian adventuress'?