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Friday, August 16, 2013

Doctor Who Outfit - Final Design

Finally got all my patterns and most of my fabric. Some greeny-brown suiting and also some gold lining for the waistcoat.

For my waistcoat I'm using Mcalls 6149 (link)
For the jacket S&S Beatrix Jacket (link).
I wasn't able to find green in the shop so went for some burgandy fabric and suede type fabric for contrast collar.
I just need to draft myself the walking skirt (in same fabric as the waistcoat or in the grey not sure yet.).
My concept Image....looking a bit steampunk-ish. lol! Or maybe its a bit 'Charley Pollard Edwardian adventuress'?


  1. Ooh I love it! Nice work! (Kate here, Miss Costello from the LH forum!)

    1. Thanks. I hope I can finish it all by november.
      Any tips on getting the gibson girl look?