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Monday, August 19, 2013

Doctor Who Outfit - Fitting the Jacket

So for my Jacket I'm using Sense and Sensibility Beatrix jacket pattern.

I cut out the largest size in my lining fabric then used that as my toile. basting and pinning to work out the fit.

 Firstly I pinned it to tweak the fit as usual took a big chunk out the waist, but kept the width hip and bust.

Above is with it all basted and coller pinned in and sleeves.
I have to admit having not made a two part sleeve before I tried to do my usual and match up the seamline...errrrrrmmm...this was wrong thing to do. I got a backwards sleeve. lol!
Soonfixed it though...lesson learned. I'm thinking I need to do something to stop the gathered sleevecap collapsing.
I'm also going to add two buttons one above each of the back pleats.

Now I have to unpick all my lovely basting so I can use the lining as pattern to cut out the fashion fabric. Takes forever. And somehow work out how to do the contrast collar.

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