"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, April 25, 2013

1930s Beach Dress - HSF#8 - By the Sea

The Challenge: #8 By The Sea

Fabric: Printed floral polycotton, plain white polycotton

Pattern: Lisette 2246 - modified to create the look of 1930's beach dress

Year: Early 30's as my waistling is still slightly dropped a vesitige of the 1920's styles

Notions: wood flower buttons, red embroidery floss, white thread.

How historically accurate is it? I've tried to recreate the right 'look' copying a pattern cover from the 1930's but the fabric choice is less accurate so I'd say its 50/50. lol!

Hours to complete: Took me a week or thereabouts sewing on and off. All sewn by hand.

First worn: 14th April

Total cost:£10

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Highbury" Regency Shoes from American Duchess

I always love the shoes this lady produces. And marvel at them from afar. I would love a pair (winning them would be great as my funds are low at the moment). They are just what I need to complete my regency ensemble. As I can make just about anything apart from the shoes.
Just look at them aren't they the cutest. And they are dyable. Bonus.
So check out the giveaway on the American duchess blog.

Ps. I am trying to win a pair myself....can you tell? ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Upcycling a regency open robe

My open robe started of as a front buttoning regency dress....but that went wrong so it got converted to an open robe. After wearing it for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath I realise a white open robe didn't look quite right plus it was looking more off white after its outing. So I decided to dye it. I think its what a thrifty regency lady would do.

First what colour? Well as no matter how much I try to go for a blue theme I end up going back to green...it was green I chose. They didn't have any 'olive green' left in the shop so I went for 'amazon gren instead'. I was a little worried it might be a bit too light and I'd need dye for a 2nd time.

But I was surprised and really pleased with how it looked in the bowl. I used a flash so its looking a little lighter in the pic than in reality.
I even rushed upstairs to grab some offcuts of the original fabric. They came out a little lighter than the main garment but close enough.
Looking rather regency in colour. The floral pattern on the white fabric has really come into its own against the green background.
You can see sneaky peek at spencer I'm working on

Still got a few last tweaks to do to the 'fit'. But overall I'm really impressed with the results. I might buy some more fabric and dye it. I like that that the colour is a lot less harsh than when you buy fabric already a certian colour. I may have to reserch some natural dyes.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Regency Cap -HSF #7 Accessorize

The Challenge: #7 Accessorize

Fabric: broderie anglaise, polycotton

Pattern: No pattern. Selfdrafted inspired by image from 'costumes in detail'.

Year: 1800-1818(?)

Notions: embroidery floss, thread

How historically accurate is it? Its as accurate as I can be visually, but I can't afford the proper fabrics. So 50/50.

Hours to complete: 6 hours, including trimming. All hand sewn.

First worn:

Total cost: Free. Made from 'scraps'.

Embroidery on the cap

Inspiration Image
I added ribbon but cut down on the bows and 'frill'

And here is me wearing it on a blustery day.