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Monday, October 24, 2011

1920's hat - the verdict.

I tried my hand at making the 1920's cloche hat from the pattern here.
I cut out pattern exactly.

Then followed the instructions on the video.
First time I'd used iron on interfacing.

Detail round brim

When it came to the top bit of the hat. I had to undo and restitch because I sewed the wrong side of the triangles together.
I found that the hat was too small. It wasn't going to go round my head. So had to unpick it and insert a panel to extend the circumference.

Inside is a bit messy
So here is the final hat.

I think I will make the brim taller next time so I can flick up the brim as the downward one didn't suit me.


  1. That is cute! You did a wonderful job with it, and this is just the sort of hat I'm thinking about making for winter. Keep up the good work!

    Happy sewing,


  2. Thanks. I seem to be able to handle hats & bags...I just mess up clothes. lol!
    Will be redrafting the brim soon. Working out how to get the right shape. fortunately I have anough fabric to make 2 hats. And some in my stash to make a 'spring hat' (green & cream).

  3. It looks lovely!! Making hats is fun and quite easy. I made some berret kinda hats some years ago.