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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fast Vs Slow?

This comes under the 'general' bit in my description. I have a trouble with playing at speed. I'm fine when I play slow to mid pace I can get right notes in right order. But as soon as I speed up to 'normal' (fast to me) pace I mess up. To demonstrate this here are two videos.*



Playing slow is ok at home practicing but when playing in a session one needs to keep up. So which is best fast or slow?

*The tune played in both cases is 'Oh Joe! The boat is going over'

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  1. I think both sound great, but on the fast one you tend to speed it up a little. That's quite normal, and common, I think, if you're not used to playing fast. But I hear no wrong notes.. I think you are like me, too hard on yourself.