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Friday, September 30, 2011

1950's dress pattern (update 1)

The pattern arrived yesterday. As usual read through instructions and got all angry and fustrated that I couldn't understand what the jargon was going on about. (Why when it explains jargon it just uses more bemuses me). And the black and white pictures I find hard to interpret. I might throw the instructions away and just work with the pattern and make educated guesses or else there will be tantrums and another pattern going in the bin.
Mum says its coz I don't like being told what to do. lol! But its not that its just I don't think in 'patten-ish' language.

Also I have a problem. My measurements don't fit entirely into any of the sizes. And I'm not sure which to picture. This is always my problem. It seems I'm not to scale/in proportions of the average person.

I think a toile will definitely be needed.

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  1. I think sewing instructions are usually very hard to understand, they just use a lot of fancy words. I usually just look at the patterns and the pictures and work with that.