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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Horrible Histories

I have a confession to make...despite being an adult I love the Horrible Histories series. As a kid I always loved the books...but put off watching the TV series as I thought it might be childish and patronizing (kids TV in the 90's was soo much better) but having seen the 'remixed' version on BBC1 I was hooked. Its not only informative but funny and not patronizing at all. And as a fan of classic comedies I do find myself spotting nods to shows like monty python. I've got series 1 & 2 on DVD and waiting for series 3 to be released hope they do a series 4.
Some of my fave sketches are those from Regency and the Roman ones.

I also love the pastiche/parody songs that earworm you...The Kings & Queens song came in handy when watching some documentaries lately and me thinking so who came after George 4th?
But my fave pistache of a song has to be the Dick Turpin Highwayman one.
More please....


  1. My favourite Horrible Histories song is the one by the Four georges. Love the Dick Turpin one too...and the Georgian Fan Advertisment is funny too.

    No-one is too old for Horrible Histories!! ;-)

  2. Yeah. The four georges one is fun. Have you seen the proms version they did live?

    I've always thought the main cast would play some Jane Austen characters well.

    Matt is obviously a Bingly, Frank Churchill or a Edward Ferrars, Whickham or Willoughby.
    Ben Col. Brandon, Darcy or Mr Knightly
    Jim Mr Elton, Sir John Middleton, Robert Ferrars.
    Larry Mr Collins, Mr Elton.

  3. I actually had a go at trying to work out the tune to 4 georges on fiddle...