"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've always wanted to go to the Jane Austen Festival. Its always 'next year I'll go' then something spoils it. This time I really do home to go. I have the sense & Sensibility pattern.
This is the fabric I have for the regency dress I eventually plan to make.
I have the bonnet, shoes already....and I think I could make a reticule quite quickly.


I have some lovely gingham fabric.... and some burgandy lining fabric.
Will probably use the burgandy for making the crinoline.

I couldn't resist this lovely trim....
I have some green fabric left from my disastrous first attempt at making a dress with no help.
wondering what I can make with it...


  1. That dress, or tunic, looks lovely! It looks like some sort of medieval tunic. I love that!

  2. When you make your Regency dress, make a toile first to make sure the fit is correct before cutting into that pretty fabric. Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you at next years Promenade...X

  3. @Susi problem with the green dress is it looked like I was wearing a sack and I failed to get the hem level.

  4. @Sandi I have made a toile but found that it needed a lot of altering (which I'll need help for) I must be very oddly shaped. Am gonna try again this time fitting while wearing short stays to see if that helps.

  5. I know what it's like being the wrong shape and size, as I have to alter patterns to fit. I am short bodied and narrow shouldered, and even modern bras are a nightmare...maybe I should make myself some modern short stays that will lift and be totally comfortable.

  6. I ind it so hard to find clothes that fit. I'm not miss average it seems. And some of the fashions that fill the shops really don't suit me. But I get to the point where even if it doesn't suit me if it fits I buy it.
    At some points I've been so disheartened I've actually paid to have someone make items for me (although usually historically inspired) but that's become too expensive to do now. Although I do still keep an eye on the etsy shop I did buy from in case they have a sale. They do some lovely regency outfits.