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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Patchwork Skirt - Inspired by film

Inspired By The Movies
On the TV the other day was the film seven brides for seven brothers. I have to say I love the costumes.
Especially how patchwork is incorporated into the girls costumes.
 Oh and I have soft spot for gingham....but that's for another project.
I initially planned to make something like the one above 'crazy patchwork' and quite long. But I hadn't the time nor enough of the right fabrics.
That's when I came across this tutorial on craftster. It would give me the shape and be fairly quick to put together. I went fabric shopping. Found green, red and mustard colourway type fabrics.
Took me 1 evening to prep fabric. Cutting the patches and sewing the strips.

Then a second to sew the strips together and add a waistband.

Threaded the elastic through. Then I had to wait till the next evening to finish hemming...by hand.

I unfortunately didn't have a chance to post the review before the deadline for the competition. It turned out much more A-line which suits a more 40's style...

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