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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sewing bee - WWID - week 2

Patterns. So its pattern week. My approach to pattern is generally slapdash but it usually works in the end. I know some people will take hours matching patterns...me...my priority is usually getting the most out of the fabric rather than matching the 'lines' of the print.

Challenge 1 - Pleated Skirt
Well with pattern I usually use floral prints or polkadots...but that wouldn't have shown the skill they wanted. I think I would have gone for a striped fabric. Really want to make a pleated skirt now. lol!

Challenge 2 - Combine two shirts
I think I would turn into a gored skirt. Alternating the fabric from each shirt. With button closure of course.

Challenge 3 - Men's Pajamas
I think I'd be tempted to choose a fun print like something with cars on and of course pipe the seams...and it would be collarless.

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