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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing bee - WWID - week 5

Unusual Materials. This week was a bit random. As most of the fabrics I doubt any homesewer would choose to sew with willingly. ;)

Nylon Anorak
One thing that stood out was not to get pinholes in the jacket. I think I would tape it or just hand tack it. It did see like far to much fuss for such an ugly anorak that you could buy.
The raglan sleeves sounded interesting...might see if I can find a top to do with those sleeves.

Altering a high street top with leather. I was thinking of making something like Lynda did when I first saw the top. Or actually making a little bodice with sweetheart neckline all in the leather but then the jerset top for the rest of it and little sleeves from the discarded lower half of the jersey.

Velvet Trousers
Two things 1. I HATE sewing velvet. Last time I was coughing for a week and it was horrible to sew hand or machine. 2. I avoid front flys.
So the thought of sewing with velvet doesn't appeal. Although maybe its easier with proper cutting tables etc. If I was low on time I'd go for elasticated waist and no pockets. lol!
But probably go to my TNT 'swing' trouser pattern. I know how to fit that already. Just would need fit buddy to pin up the trouser hem.

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  1. I agree. The anorak was awful and velvet is a bear to sew with.I am not sure velvet trousers would be such a great idea. I think that they would get really "seated" by sitting on the nap. Would rather have made leather trousers and a velvet bodice.