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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sewing bee - WWID - week 3

Stretch Fabrics....
Can I just say Eeeep! The are my nemisis...I'd rather do corsetry or and sew a buttonhole than use stretch fabric. It scares me.
I don't know how to cut it or treat it or.....well work with it.

Challenge 1 - Stretch Leggings
As I mentioned I'm scared of stretch...and I was confused by the term "2-way stretch" (Till they explained it..thought two way meant side to side and up n down. lol)
Also the explination of how to do the waistband...it seemed quite simple. It would be nice to show how to sew the leggings with a normal machine rather than just an overlocker.

Challenge 2 -T-shirt upcycle
My first thought was a tankini or a playsuit....

Challenge 3 - Wrap Dress
Scary...I'd probably try to find the simplist pattern and something with not much stretch....just cos the combination of both wrap and stretch I would find daunting.

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