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Friday, February 28, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #4 - Under it all (chemise/camisole)

Yes another double challenge....I finished my chemise faster than I expected...so I decided to make something else from the leftovers.

The Challenge: #4 Under it all
Fabric: White cotton
Pattern: None.
Year:1800 ->
Notions: insertion lace (broderie anglaise), ribbon
How historically accurate is it? Its all hand sewn. Made from 100% cotton. Only the ribbon is synthetic.
Hours to complete: Could have done it in a day on the machine but it got spread out doing it by hand so I lost track.
First worn: For fitting.
Total cost: £12
 I liked how the lace insertion looked. And I'd be inclined to use it in preference to bias binding for future projects of similar ilk.
Apologies for the wrinkled fabric...its been stored away since I finished it and haven't had chance to iron it. lol!

The Challenge: #4 Under it all
Fabric: White cotton/polycotton
Pattern: None. I draped it using the camisole on page 55 of this book as inspiration.
Year: 1920-1930
Notions: insertion lace, ribbon.
How historically accurate is it? Its all hand sewn. I used a period sewing instruction book as my reference. So I think pretty close. My material looks close enough to nainsook recommended by the book. ;)
Hours to complete: Did it in one evening and a few hours all by hand.
First worn: N/A
Total cost: made from stash.
Seen here worn with the skirt I use as a petticoat under quite a few skirts/dresses. You can tighten the lower strip of lace insertion to raise the waistline and give more 'pouched' look.

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