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Saturday, February 1, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #2 - Innovation (Bustle)

Everyday I'm bustling...
The Challenge: #2 Innovations
Invention:  Well I'm bending the definition here. Its a re-invention rather than an invention. As was pointed out to me bustles were around before. But they were reinvented for what fashion was in at the time in shape and placement and materials.
Fabric: White poly cotton, quilt batting
Pattern:N/A Self drafted
Year: 1880-1890
Notions: bias binding
How historically accurate is it? well I did some research looking through pinterest. And noticed the shapes and patterns and tried to make something resembling the smaller bustles.
Hours to complete: 3-ish
First worn: Tried it on a few times but not worn properly as outfit not finished
Total cost: free...all from my stash.

Yes. I've given in...but I do love the bustle fashions. Forget I have nowhere to wear the finished outfit. lol! But I am starting small with the subject for challenge two and making a bustle.
There seems to be as many different types and styles as there is people...but I decided to focus on making something easy to store and simple to make. And also not too big so I can sit wearing it.

 I also needed it to be practical for if *ahem* I needed to go to the loo. At least if its not all boned and wired I've got the posibilty of rolling it all up and away.
 I added a small 'tail' to the stuffed pad. Then added ruffles to that.
I think I might add more ruffles at a later point if I feel it needs more.
Above is what the bustle looks like underneath my edwardian skirt which I'm using as a 'stand in' skirt at the moment till I make the foundation skirt.

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