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Thursday, February 20, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #3 - Pink (1930's Blouse)

The Challenge: #3 Pink
Fabric: Pink floral print polycotton. Green polycotton.
Pattern: Franken patterned. Used my TNT blouse pattern and made modifications. I wanted to make it a bit longer but I made a small error and with no spare material I had to go with it.
Year: I was inspired by a pattern cover from 1937.
Notions:Pink buttons
How historically accurate is it? The shape is right but the 'poly' in the poly cotton is probably wrong but its affordable and washable.
Hours to complete: 8-10 hours approx. Took me one evening and one day.
First worn: Only finished it today so not had chance to wear it. Plus its to be worn with the skirt - unfinished in the picture- and a hat I'm making for another challenge. So won't be worn till its all complete.
Total cost: Well this was found in my stash I think I got it on sale so its a bit hard to calculate.

I altered the original pattern so it had a back yoke. Changed the sleeves so they 'puffed out' more. Also changed the collar from pointy to more round. I did consider making a matching belt in green but ran out of fabric and time.

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