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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sewing bee - WWID - week 1

Cotton - Sleeveless top with Facing
Firstly I hate facings and understitching so it would usually be something I'd change. Bias bind the neck and armhole instead.
I've not done a button thread loop before...they look so weak.
But the first challenge is about following the instructions. So I'd have to just do it. Probably understitch by hand depending on time. I'd also choose a floral print cotton.

Wool - Wool Skirt Redo -seriously though long blue wool skirt..where did they get it from? I want one.
I actually like the wool skirt as is. ;)
Two options.
1. I'd manipulate the fabric to make a steampunk-ish bustle skirt and add some trim.
2. Cut it shorter. Use some white fabric to make a pleated strip to add to the hem. Add gold braid over the join and then gold buttons on the front for a nautical look.

Silk - Nightdress
I'd make one like the one on Page 77
I haven't sewn with REAL silk before only synthetics. So I'd stick to something simple and hand sew ans much as possible. Probably a pink crepe de chien with white lace and pink ribbon.

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