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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Nautical Ensemble - Part 2 - Breeches

They were my swing trousers...but due to the wear and tear of the washing machine. They shrunk in length and the zip broke. So decided to convert them to fall front trousers. It took a lot of guessing to work out how to get the right look. First I cut off the bottom of the hem of the trouser legs so they came about mid calf in height.
Firstly I unpicked the back zip and hook and bar. I then sewed the back seam up but left the 'waistband' open. I then cut open front seam and waistband down to a point that would allow me to get the 'breeches' on. I then finished the edges and added eyelets to front waistband so I could tie it closed.

 I added some eyelets to the back so I could adjust the waistline.

 I then sewed on the 'flap' that would cover the front opening and marked where to put the buttons. then sewed the button holes and added the buttons.
 Then the trouser hems. I used the other cut off end of the trouser to make a cuff. I then made a placket the usual way. And sewed on the cuff. Then marked how tight I wanted it and made the buttonhole and added a button.

Voila! Finished!

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