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Monday, October 24, 2011

1950's dress update 3

SO I've managed to attach the skirt and hem the dress (well part of it*)...although not without some difficulty. I found hemming the circle skirt part very tricky as the material kept rucking up under the sewing machine foot. Not sure if it was because my tension was wrong? (I also burnt myself twice iron pressing the hems. Ouch.)

*Then when I tried to hem the under dress part my silly machine decided that it wasn't going to sew properly and the top thread kept coming out of the needle and trying to eat my fabric. I gave up and decided I would hand sew that bit instead.

You can see problems I had with the hem

 I've got the bias binding to do next. Will do neck area by hand but rest by machine. Hopefully by then it will decide to like me or I'll have to use the big machine (one of those that is part of a table) to do it. I find the bigger machines a little scary.

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  1. Hello!

    It looks like its turning out wonderfully! Whenever my hems turn out a little ruffled I just steam them very well, and they usually flatten right up.

    Hope this helps!