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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Speedy patterns...taking time

So I was looking at this pattern in my stash.
Now it says '2 hour pattern' and I like patterns to be quick. In the past I've found these 'speed' claims rather inaccurate. As an 'improver' sewer (not absolute beginner but not intermediate yet) and a slightly impatient one at that I find any time given usually needs to be doubled at least and in my case as I spread my sewing out it ends up adding up to 4 times the time.
I'm hoping once I get the fabric to make up 'A' in some pretty art deco print fabric if I can find it...and folks I will be timing it. I don't count time taken to cut out the paper pattern as I generally do that in advance so I'm not messing about with it on the day. I've also found its quicker to cut fabric out if you mark with chalk then cut rather than pinning the paper pattern in place and cutting round that.
Can anyone point me too some good examples to 20's looking fabric? As again I'm taking a fairly modern pattern and trying to make it look vintage.
Still got a little time as I don't plan to make it till May time.

Edit: Guess what I spotted? Seems I'm going to be on trend. Didn't I tell you before dropped waists were going to be in..


  1. I like the tunic to the far right!

    1. planning on doing that one in nice material making it slightly longer so its dress rather than a tunic