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Monday, October 27, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #20 - Alternative Universe (Fan)

The Challenge: #20 Alternative Universe

Fabric: N/A
Pattern: N/A
Year: 1770-1880 well any era really...time travel you see

Notions: Plain Fan, watercolours

How historically accurate is it? As this is alt universe I went off on a tangent. I used 18th and 19th century fans for my inspiration, but I made it tie in with the Doctor Who theme.

Hours to complete: 3 hours ish with drying time.

First worn: 25th October

Total cost: £5.99

Every Timelady needs her own sonic fan...

I decided to incorperate symbols from Doctor Who. In the Centre of course the TARDIS on a yellowy-orange background to represent gallifrey.

To the right some Gallifreyan writing as featured in the new series.

To the left the Seal of Rassilon to represent the classic series.

And scattered in between various timelord symbols. And on the edge questionmarks a symbol that appeared in the latter half of classic 'who'. So the fan represents Past, present and future.

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