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Monday, October 13, 2014

Upgrading old projects - Item 1

Well as I've reccently found myself in the situation where buying new material isn't an option. Its forced me to sew from my stash and go back and upgrade older items that I made when I first started sewing.
Item 1 - My first shift/chemise
 This was sewn before I had my dress form. So it was a lot of guesswork.
 And although it fitted me, the neckline was way too high for all my dresses.
Plus I'd turned oved the edge rather than using bias binding which had resulted in an ugly looking finish.
So...I unpicked the stitching. Removed the ribbon. Recut the neckline, low and square.
 Used bias binding to create casing for ribbon. Rethreaded the ribbon and finished the ends.
 And voila!
I now have a shift that can go under wider necklines.

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