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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seaside themed vintage

Well its that time of year again...the local lindy exchange and I've set myself quite a task. A new outfit for each dance. So that's three for the evening dances. The themes go Casual, Vintage, Seaside.
So I decided to have a general nautical feel and blues as a colour running through the outfits.

A boat print 1940's style dress. This is for SEASIDE.
Pattern used  Butterick 5209 (LINK)

Navy blue swing trousers to wear with red and white striped top. This is for VINTAGE.

Pattern used - Eliza M hop swing pants (link)

Blue Polkadot circle skirt (with complimentary top.) The is is for CASUAL.

Pattern used - Simplicity 3847 (LINK)

So one from each era near enough....hope you like them.


  1. LOVE your 1940's dress. I've always felt that pattern was atypical for the era, but yours looks really authentic. I love the contrast too, like a bolero. Woot!!

    1. Thanks. Yeah I did wonder if it looked a bit more 50's than 40's but when accessorised authentically it looks very 40's. You can see the influence of the 'new look' but at the same time ristraint in the fabric usage in respect to rationing.
      I can see all kinds of modifications I could make to it. Thinking of making the cantre more crossover in style with maybe a collar. I could change the zip to the back and add some sleeves perhaps. Or I could try changing the neckline mabe more sweetheart. Although first I have idea of changing the skirt. Pencil or circle...