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Friday, February 22, 2013

1940's Dress for sew-a-long (planning post)

Now I've had the fabric and the pattern ready for this dress for quite a while....just not quite got round to it before. My original inspiration I think was the dress Mrs Bee made. I saw it in person and thought I want one like that.

Butterick 5209. Took me ages to find a fabric I thought looked 40's enough.

Source: flickr.com via Lady on Pinterest

It reminds me a bit of the dresses above. If this works out I will make it again in a polkadot but with solid colour waistband. See about changing the closure position and adding sleeves. I like to do it exactly as the pattern the first time, and only change stuff second time through.

I'm hoping to do some matching accessories. A hat and purse.


  1. Hiya, watch this pattern, the midriff section doesn't match up back and front so it's tricky to change the colour on it for a start. And the top has fitting issues for larger busts, though admittedly I made the halter version so it may not be so bad with the other one. You might want to tissue fit it or something just to check, or do a basted toile. I reckon it will look lovely!

    1. What are the fitting issues? People mention them for large/small busts but no one says actually what they are? I'm going to wear 40's shape foundations which I think will help.