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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8th Doctor Cosplay - Version 2 - Part 1

So yes I successfully finished my 8th doctor cosplay and wore it to the 50th anniversary celebration at Excel London.

That was based on mixing both the movie version and the big finish version. Now, since then I've seen 'Night of the Doctor.' And well....can't resist recreating that outfit in my own inimitable way, and where better to wear it but LFCC 2014. I've booked a photoshoot with the eighth doctor himself Paul Mcgann.
My first choice was do I go for trying to replicate closely or do I go for a clever historical inspired re-interpretation.
The answer was a re-interpretation. First thing I did was isolate the elements, and what time they came from as near as I could....

Waistcoat - 1870's, looks like its been aged. Paisley print maybe?
Shirt - The collar is attached not removable. Probably modern.
Trousers - Hard to tell. But they seem to have seen some wear and tear. I'd guess it was nearer early 20th century.
Boots/Gaiters - Early 20th century again. Laced at front not buttoned at side.
Coat - Has hallmarks of victorian/edwardian. Curved back seam, vents, interesting collar, double breasted. Covered buttons? Couldn't see if it had waist seam or not.
Neckerchief - Blue worn.

My options:
Waistcoat - Self drafted (using modern waistcoat as a base I added curved back seams and darts) to imitate 1870's bodice. In paisley, lined and boned with self painted buttons.
Shirt - Modern. I could make my own from scratch but I thought this one worked well. Tea Dyed to give aged look.
Trousers - Instead of trousers chose skirt 1909 pattern. In tan material worn over a petticoat. The skirt has two 'watch pockets' near the waistband.
Boots/Gaiters - I already have boots quite similar. I just need to make the gaiters.
Coat - I have a 1909 based jacket pattern that came with the skirt pattern.
Neckerchief - Easy to make with some leftover blue cotton.
Concept sketch (with coat)

Concept sketch (without coat)

I've take a few nods from this 'travelling suit'. Or should I call it a 'time' travelling suit. ;)


  1. It turned out really nice! Can't wait to see it in person :)

    1. Thanks. I start the jacket next. Got the fabric to prep this weekend so I can march through the sewing over the bank holiday.