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Monday, February 16, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #3 - Stash

The Challenge: #3 Stash
Fabric: Cotton
Pattern: Truly victorian 400.
Year: 1870s-1880s
Notions: Ribbon, buttons, boning
How historically accurate is it? Well I used TV patterns which are usually accurate, I used the right historical techniques and can get away with using sewing machine for this era. The boning and buttons are plastic so 90%? Closest I've been in ages.
Hours to complete: lost count...it took me a while just to do the fitting before I started sewing.
First worn: For photo's...it won't be worn till later this year.
Total cost: Now the purple fabric was in my stash as I attempted to make a medieval dress with it and failed, the fabric I used for flatlining was donated to me from someone elses stash, same with the ribbon. I only bought the buttons and boning.

So my concept was HA disney and this was bodice for my victorian mermaid. I took the colours that ariel wears and create my outfit.
 I started by tracing off the pattern and doing intial tissuefit.
Before hand basting my fabric toile and tweaking the fit.
I then unpicked the basting stitches and used it to flatline the purple exterior fabric. Making sure I cliped the curved seams and pressed them. I then made the casing for the boning and attached to the inside of the bodice.
I then sewed the peplum with a scaloped edge to give that seashell effect. Attaching it to the bodice.
 Then I attached the sleeves and finished off the neckline with piping.
Laid out the buttons to work out how to space them.
Then after I finished the buttons attached ribbon trim to the collar and a waist stay.