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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #4 - War & Peace

What the item is (and how it is a product of war or a lengthy period of peace: This is a headscarf. I wanted to do something much more complex but I just don't have funds to make any of them from scratch. so I chose that in the spirit of WW2 I would make do and mend.

The Challenge: #4 War & Peace

Fabric: cotton (I think it was a scrap from my stash)

Pattern: none self drafted

Year: 1940's

Notions: thread

How historically accurate is it?
I'm not sure whether sewing machines did these stitches in the 40's but I thought it was such a sweet design.
Hours to complete: 1hr-ish.

First worn: today! I'm wearing it now.

Total cost: Nothing really all from my stash.


  1. Some machines did those designs. My grandmother has some brand Ive never heard of that has all sorts of cartridges that you put in to get fancy stitches. :-P So call it super period.

    1. Cool. Thank you. :)
      I did wonder if they were available for home sewers so that's great to know.