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Monday, June 8, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #6 - Out of your comfort zone

What the item is (and why it was out of your comfort zone): Its a housedress/apron. Its out of my comfort zone because I have not had sucess with wrapover dresses or tops. I've stayed away from them as I could never adjust them to fit. But now my fitting skills have improved decided to go for it.

The Challenge: #6 Out of your comfort zone

Fabric: Floral print cotton

Pattern: McCalls 6959

Year: 1940's (and could even work for early 50's)

Notions: Bias binding, thread.

How historically accurate is it? I based it off the period images I found on pinterest and the sewing patterns of the day.

Hours to complete: Well I sorta lost track, stopping and starting. Took me ages to get the fit right but once that was done it was fairly quick to sew up.

First worn: Today for pics.

Total cost: It was all from my stash so cost me nothing but the fabric was probably around the £5 per metre mark.

 I started with a modern pattern that was close enough to what I wanted. Then I took the narrow skirted view, left off the collar and flared out the skirt into an A-line shape.
I slash and spread the bodice pattern widthwise, and added a little length to the bottom of the bodice.

I used some yellow bias binding from my stash for the ties...but now I think I should have used some self bias fabric. I did change my mind halfway though as I was going to use the yellow to bind the arms and front of the apron but it looked a bit....tacky.
 I even had enough fabric left to make a matching headscarf.


  1. SO CUTE!!! Ahem, I mean, that is a very nice wrap over dress indeed!

    1. Thanks. Originally I was inspired by seeing 'jean beasleys' aprons on the Doctor Blake Mysteries. (I like the yellow one she wears). But I wanted to make it more 40's than 50's to fit into the HSF date range.