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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #11 - Silver Screen

What the item is: 1920's day dress

The Challenge: #11 Silver Screen

What's your onscreen inspiration?: I took inspiration from Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. I love her frocks but they are a little to 'glam' for me. So I made one more suitable for Dot her assistant. 

I like the purple and black combo

Fabric: Poly Rayon/Viscose

Pattern: I used the 1 hour dress pattern from festive attire Its a very customization pattern.


Notions:Bias binding

How historically accurate is it? viscose/rayon is acurate not sure about the poly side but the pattern is good.

Hours to complete: About 3 hours in total.

First worn: To check the fit. Haven't had an event for it yet.

As you can see like thoroughly modern Millie my beads won't hang straight. lol!

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