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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Updating an old dress -1780 to 1790s

This shows how much my skills have improved. I needed a 'georgian' dress so I dug out my old red one I made ages ago. I've never been happy with how it fitted but it was one of my first attempts at making up a pattern from patterns of fashion. Was meant to be circa 1780s in style. I removed the lace from the neckline and cuffs. Then took off the hook n eye which clearly was causing gaping.
Next thing I did was try it on over stays and pin the front tightly. Then chalked on where I needed to cut down the neckline and where I wanted the 'zone' front to be. Then I pinned along the lines.
You can see the boning is making the bodice sit oddly.

The blue line is where the neckline would be. The green where the contrast fabric panel needed to go.
This was the point where I removed the boning I had in the front of the bodice as it was throwing off the shape. I also unpicked the skirt for a couple of inches. I traced the shape of the front and then added a seam allowance.
 I appliqued the striped fabric on by hand. Tucking the fabric round the front of the bodice.

I then stitched the skirt back on further back. It can still be polonaised or as is.

In the meantime I made a striped petticoat to match the zone front. The only thing left is to sew the hook n eyes back on.
I've even made a matching hat. Currently debating whether to add a sash or not? What do you think?

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