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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1920's hat - part 2

So I re-drafted the pattern for the brim of the hat, keeping the existing crown.

Larger 'flip'

Tried to modify the back to 20's style.

Stitching close up

The hat is fine..just...well it doesn't 'sit' like I want. I want it to sit back on my head but it wants to be flat.
Soooo....I rejigged the pattern. First I elongated the 'triangles' that made up the crown to make them taller.
Then I re did the brim virtually from scratch using this as inspiration.
Of course this is just a 'toile' to see if the pattern worked before I used the proper material. I also haven't interfaced any of the fabric here as I would normally. Oh and that's another thing I am debating adding interface to the triangles too or maybe just lining the crown? But not sure how to do that and not have stitches show through. I'm also gonna put bias binding round the brim.
This is just for the flip up brim....
I have some heavy duty interfacing I plan to use for my 'downton abbey' style hat.

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