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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Regency Dress part 2

So I'm having an argument with my toile at the moment. It just doesn't fit or flatter with or without the appropriate foundation garments.


Inside Back
 I ended up for some reason with the bodice being bigger than the skirt. So Instead of pleating the skirt had to gather the top more. So plan A has failed.

Plan B is to try and make my own pattern (with help-if a certain person doesn't decide she's got more important things to do)

My plan C is to buy a modern maxi dress, put it with my chemise and have a shawl or spencer jacket.
Example of the kind of look
Of course the model there is 8 inches too tall (can you believe it only £5.99!?). I'd have to take the length up. But you get the idea.

I'm only going to get to do the saturday anyway.:(

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  1. OK...don't panic. This is just a toile, right?

    The first attempt never fits any way, hence the reason for making a toile. Make notes of where you need to alter it, pin/baste it until you are happy with the fit, then draw the new pattern shape on the toile. You then unpick it and cut a new one, using the first toile as the pattern.

    I hope this helps...just don't give up on it, as all mistakes are lessons on how not to do it.