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Monday, October 8, 2012

Regency Day Dress - Part 1

I know, I know....this is me thinking up ideas for a all purpose regency day dress.

 I'm really warming to the 'jumper' style. Sleeveless but that allows a chemise or habit shirt to be worn underneath. That is so much more 'me'.
Like the ones worn in 2009 BBC version of 'Emma'.

I'm leaning towards a blue coloured 'jumper' with white sleeves and white lace trim (bought in Bath).

I would still be inclined to use with cotton rather than silks....just for ease of care.
Of course leaving enough fabric to make matching headress...this time with feather. And a bonnet if I can make one from scratch. I would have it back opening as well.

I like this one...princess charlotte wore (that girl had good taste...I like all her dresses).

Source: google.com.au via Lady on Pinterest

So I'm now looking for more fashionplates showing these type of dresses.
It will be practical too as I can swap between long and short sleeves without changing my dress.

I do like the ruffled front of this one though and lower waistline.

What I'm going for is regency but that is quite subtle and I could get on a bus for example and not feel too extravagant.  I've been colecting a pinterest board of all the images of these kind of dresses I can find.

So thoughts?

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  1. The 1999 Mansfield Park movie has Fanny Price (Francis O'Connor) dressed in many "jumpers" with habit shirts underneath, I too like these styles. More fashion for the money.