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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Retro Outfit for dance lessons

I always have a project in mind for a dance outfit. And I saw a post today on a blog highlighting another post about the outfits in stage door.

I like the thought of a 'playsuit' but with a matching detachable skirt. As I'd wear it purely for dancing rather than 'all day' the usual issues I have with play suits and jump suits wouldn't apply.
I've seen a few vintage patterns with this concept of shorts, swimming costume or playsuit with a detachable skirt.
I really like the wearing history sailor girl playsuit pattern. (If I can find a UK stockist I'll buy it) otherwise I'll have to improvise.

I was looking at maybe using a modern pattern like M6533 and drafting a matching skirt. But what kind of skirt? A-line, circle, half circle, pleated or dirndl? What do you think.
I have been keeping back in my stash a nice printed cotton, black with little flowers.

Here is my little sketch. 

Decided to use this pattern...
But modify it. Adding darts, sleeves and peterpan collar.
Now deciding on the skirt. A line but button down the side or pleated?


  1. That's such a cute pattern! If you're wearing it dancing, I think you should definitely do a circle skirt since it flares out.

    1. When I worked it out didn't have enough to do a circle skirt and the playsuit in the same material. :(
      Decided A-line or pleats are the way to go. Leaning toward the pleat idea...no knife or box pleats...hmmmm