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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1950s tartan skirt - Butterick 5556

Originally I was going to make the 'dress' with contrasting skirt but decided it was better to make them as seperates. I just about squeezed the skirt out of the fabric (60" wide) by cutting the skirt 'lining' length and turning the skirt cutting layout from landscape to portrait.

I also did pockets for the first time and was surprised how quick its all come together.
And how sumple the pockets were to do. I used up some leftover fabric scraps. the original pattern only had one pocket but as I've moved the zipper to the back I was able to do two pockets, one each side.

Used the waistband from the high waisted pencil skirt as I knew it was a perfect fit. Pleated rather than gathered the skirts to the waistband, leaving it smoother at the front where the pockets were. Tried to do covered buttons but it just wouldn't work no matter what I tried.
So I dug out one from my stash that sorta fitted. 
Then I hemmed the skirt and ta-da! part one of my outfit the skirt is done.
Showing button at the back and metal zip


These photo's were taken wearing 2 petticoats for extra volume.
(One of which I made myself and you will see the post for soon)

The top was erm..borrowed a stop gap till I make by matching shirt.


  1. I love the red tartan! I agree with your choice--looks excellent as a skirt and I can just imagine a kicky cardigan set with it, too :)

    1. thanks...i think I need to purchase a twinset and purls. ;)

  2. Hi I'm Gwen from the sensibilty forum. I'm finding it hard to post anything these days.
    Just wanted to say that your skirt is fabulous!!

  3. Ooh, very nice-looking!! Tartan is cool, but it's almost impossible to find those fabrics around here.