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Monday, January 21, 2013

Petticoats, flounces and ruffles

Otherwise known as how much do you want your skirt to stick out. lol! So I was originally intending to make some bloomers.
But my lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to trousers has let me down. I can't draft a pair no matter how hard I try. So what to do for Challenge 3 & 4?
A petticoat. I do need one as my skirts and dresses are looking a little deflated because I can't wear my old one because I've lost inches off my waist its become a hipster skirt and shows underneath the skirts in an unbecoming way. So a new petticoat it is. I need something that will work in several eras so my research begins.

Things it needs to have are:
Smooth top of petticoat with ruffles confined to bottom edges
Either drawstring or elastic waistline (to prevent problem with waistline changes)
It shouldn't show underneath skirts when I stand still. (wondering if I could add ties in ribbon to adjust length as needed.)

I like these....

And I notice these are quite short.

I like the top one in particular so I'm guessing that's an A-line with a flounce?
Then I like the umf you get from this...

And there's always a corded petticoat

I also like this but a little shorter?
Source: rubylane.com via Lady on Pinterest

I've like something that gives me opportunity to embellish.

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