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Monday, March 18, 2013

By the Sea (some musings)

So challenge 8 is 'by the sea' which should be made for me. ;) the description says...
Everyone loves a day at the beach, and the sea has inspired and influenced fashion for millennia. This challenge is all about nautical fashions, whether you make BC pallas and stola to wear at a Roman seaside resort town like Pompeii, something for Cleopatra to lounge in as she barged down the Nile (rivers count as nautical), an outfit for a Viking to keep them warm on a longboat as they explored Newfoundland, a ship to perch on a towering 1770s hairdo, a chemise to be worn in a Regency bathing vehicle, mid-Victorian seaside promenade dresses, late Victorian woolen bathers, or 1930s beach pajamas to wear on the sands of the Cote d'Azure.

So lets look at some ideas. First off I don't need a Edwardian, Victorian or Regency bathing suit. Secondly I have to think about time constraints and what fabric I have in stock. So 20's and 30's were my first port of call. Love a bit of nautical style.

The 1920's search seems to come up in the main swimming costumes.

There was one with a dress.
Source: victoriana.com via Lady on Pinterest

The 1930's however came up with several options. Beach Pajamas. Beach Dresses. Playsuits.

I'm liking the beachdress option or the pinafore type 'playsuit'.

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