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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Open Robe and Matching Dress - HSF# 9 - Flora and Fauna

The Challenge: #9 Flora and Fauna

Fabric: Cotton Dyed Green with floral motif, plain white linen type material.

Pattern: Sense & Sensibility regency gown (modified)

Year: 1795-1800 (Regency but the open robe gives it more of the feel of end of georgian era)

Notions: bias binding, self cover buttons thread

How historically accurate is it? I couldn't be sure with the materials but it definatly looks authentic. Like its off a fashion plate.

Hours to complete: Open robe was an item I made last year but realised it needed lots of changes. So time taken to adjust, amend and dye the robe about 3 days. For the dress underneath took me about 6 days which included making the bias binding and making fitting adjustments.

First worn: To take these photos. But will be worn again next year as I have a regency event I plan to go to.

Total cost:£20 for the dress, Probably about same for the open robe.

You can see the original robe here. The adjustments of the open robe was:
Raise Waistline
Remove Button
Remove front panels

I used the front panels from the open robe to make the bias binding to trim the dress. Which was made to complement it. Yes I know the sash is in the wrong place. I couldn't reach to pin it in place at the back or do up all the buttons by myself. The long sleeves in this image are pinned in but in future will be tacked in when needed. 
My shift is showing..oops! I will have to make another one along with a waist petticoat.

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