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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doctor Who here I come! (planning post)

I'm just a ickle bit excited because...
I got tickets to the Doctor Who Convention at London's Excel in November. Woooooooooooooooo!!!!

Now if my viewing of episodes of the big bang theroy are correct sci-fi events like this mean a chance to dress up. And I never need too much of an excuse to dress up. Now what Doctor Who related character to choose? I wanted to incorperate historical or vintage elements.
I noticed a lot of who is victorian/edwardian influenced.
There were a lot of tardis theme outfits around like this.
But I decided to do a doctor who costume but not a slavish copy (couldn't really do that with my budget). I'm going for inspired by trying to encapsulate the spirit of the outfit. Think of it as if romana tried to dress as the doctor what she'd choose.

My brain instantly reviewed my current wardrobe for any reusable items I could use in combination with a few me me made peices. But that got me thinking which Doctor's outfit should I be looking at?
Well I've taken elements I think I could produce.

Shirt: The 11th doctor's shirt is striped and longsleeved.
Now I find it impossible to find a longsleeved striped shirt for me. So I will have to sew myself one. Out comes my TNT pattern Lisette 2246.

Waistcoat: Now the doctor in several guises wears a waistcoat...but I wanted a 'femanine' sillouette.
View A of Mccalls 6770 sans sleeves in the correct fabric would do nicely.

Trousers: Well I would look rediculous in skinny trousers that 11th Doctor wears so I've gone for some highwaisted trousers using another TNT pattern Eliza M Swing/Hop Pants.

Coat/Jacket: Now here's my dilemma a frock coat is my ideal but (1) I don't know if I'll have time to make it (2) I can't find a ladies pattern for a frock coat. I can only find this mens pattern. Simplicity 2895.
Can I adapt it to work for an hourglass figure? Is there a lady frock coat pattern out there?

I may just leave it out and go for just trousers, waistcoat and shirt (with tie).

What do you think? Comments, suggestions or tips?


Got my fabric.

The photo doesn't give the most accurate idea of colours. But its a greeny brown suiting. I'll use that for waistcoat and trousers. The green lining is because I wanted something 'fun'.

Once I do the wasitcoat and trouser then I can think shirt and coat/jacket. I do have a tweed jacket in my wardrobe, but then I also have a green brocade one. Its becoming a gestalt outfit with elements of several doctors in...kinda a eighty-eleveny amalgamation.

Its slowly creeping more towards an eight outfit.


  1. Why not go for an easier and more interesting Doc, like #5? I love his outfit, all that cricket gear must be easy to start with :) And a good rootle through the op shops may find some easy to convert/adapt clothes to use for any of them. Rather than start from scratch?
    BTW, ENVY!!!! :)

    1. Well I know the elements in the 5th doc outfit I probably wouldn't wear again...whereas I need a waistcoat shirt and trousers...and a coat for winter so it can do double duty.
      I've looked through my wardrobe and might have a jacket/coat that will work so only need to do the other items.