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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Waistcoat for Doctor Who Outfit - the fitting process

I've finally decided that I needed to go for the eighth doctor style. It suits me more than elevens outfit. And eight is my fave doctor after all.

Now I originaly planned to use a different pattern but why try to make a jacket a waistcoat if I already have a waistcoat pattern. (I found I had one on my spring clean up. lol!)

Now I had a few fitting issues. I tried to use fit for real people just just ended up confusing myself....

So resorted to good oldfashioned trial and error. Even added a little pocket for my pocket watch.

Tried it on over my shorts I made from the pattern I'm gonna use for the high waist trousers. So I get the right fit.

I took out the dart and used it to add more material so the CB was actually centred.

Trying to figure out if I could add a godet for a flash or colour or maybe a kick pleat?

Here it is over a shirt and with 'cravat' of course this is to give idea of shapes. And they will not be used in the final costume.
What do you think?

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