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Friday, November 14, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #21 - Redo (Stays)

The Challenge: #21 Redo - Shape and Support

Fabric: linen, canvas

Pattern: Butterick 4254
Year: 1780-1800

Notions: boning, emboridery floss, ribbon, bias binding

How historically accurate is it? this is my first attempt at 18th century stays. I'm not sure how authentic the pattern is. And my boning choice was modern. But it gives a good enough sillouette for what I want to do.

Hours to complete: lost count took me about a month.

First worn: For fittings for my dress.

Total cost: Pattern £6.50 + p&p, Boning approx. £8. Bias binding £4 approx. Ribbon £2 approx. Canvas £12. Linen £10.  £42.50 approx.

I did my mock up in denim using an old pair of jeans and rigaline taped on.
 Then cut out the peices in canvas and linen. Sewed the linen to one layer of canvas.
 Then sandwiched boning between that layer and the 2nd canvas layer.
 Then I sewed the panels together. Sewed 'tape' down the seams.
 Then tackled binding the tabs. Arggh! My poor fingers.
 Then started on doing the eyelets by hand. They got better as I went along. You can tell which are the first ones I did.
 Then I bound the top of the stays and laced them up.



Close up of eyelets and spiral lacing.