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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Going Steampunk, some goggles!

Ok so I'm not a true steampunk because well I'm not into the whole music subculture thing...it's just about the frocks and accessories for me as a historical cosplayer. ;)
But...I felt something was missing from my steampunkesque cosplays...goggles. They seem ubiquitus for the well dressed steampunk and I love how each is unique to the wearer. A little like when a jedi makes their own lightsaber.
I decided it was time to take the plunge and make my own. I researched other peoples goggle's (ok so by research I mean looked on pinterest. lol!) I also looked up several tutorials on youtube including this fab one from lostwax.
I didn't have all the stuff he suggested on hand, but I got the gist of how it worked and what shapes I needed to crete the goggles.
First I used baking paper to work out a pattern that would be the right scale and fit me. Then I raided all the cupboards for every last scrap of cardboard. I also ate two small tubes of pringles....I know the sacrifices I make...so I could use the plastic lids for 'lenses'.
With the help of my trusty hot gluegun I glued the main eye peices together, making sure to use the glue to malke rivit like dots on the front ot the eye peices. I then used brown acrylic paint to cover and make a good base.
I coloured in the rivits with a 'gold' marker pen. I also had an old cheap faux leather bag (primark) that I had cut up once the strap broke in my stash. I then cut out of the 'leather' two peices to over the bit of the eye peices that would sit against the skin. I also used the old handle to create the nose bridge.
I coloured in the lenses with a black marker pen. Glued them in the eye peices. then used some silver enamel paint to cover the glue in inside and out so it looked like solder. I also used the silver to 'distress' the inside of the eye peices.
I used craft knife to cut a slit in each eye peice. Then threaded through two peices of a belt. One side already had eyelets so I just put the brass split pin through to secure it. The other side I made holes with my tailors awl and put the split pin through. Then buckled it up.
Used gold marker pen to make swirly decorations and then it was complete-ish...
Not sure whether to add more decoration...for now I'm going for less is more as its my first pair. It's easier to add than take away.

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