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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #21 - Redo

The Challenge: #21 Redo - Fairytale #6

Fabric: red poly silk taffeta with aubtle stripe, Cotton lining.

Pattern: Self drafted using Butterick 4254 (View B) as a starting point before draping on the stand.
Year: 1780-1795

Notions: boning, embroidery floss, ribbon, lace, self covered buttons.

How historically accurate is it? Its the closest I could get with my skills and budget. I used the patterns in patterns of fashion as reference.

Hours to complete: From first draft to basic completeness. 3 weeks.
First worn: For photo's...its for an event next year.

Total cost: Fabric £30 (this is a bit of a guess as I forgot to note the amount of fabric I bought but the 'silk' was 65" wide about 4 meters, the lining was just a scrap I had of curtain lining.) Everything else is from my stash so I no longer know the cost.

 After drafting my bodice pattern I made a mock up for fitting using lining fabric.

 I then unpicked the lining and flatlined the 'silk' and then sewed it together.
Then put it on the dress form so I could drape the skirts. The skirts consited of two pannels.
 I pleated the back and gathered the sides. I also made a slit at the sides for access to the pockets.
 I also sewed on the ribbon loops which can be used to polonaise the skirts. You can see I added boning to the bodice.

 I hemmed the skirts. Then sewed on the hook and eye down the front.

I also made my first pair of sucessful fabric covered buttons. And sewed to the back of the bodice so I could clook up the skirts.

Then I sewed on the black lace round the neckline and sleeves...unfortunately I still haven't had chance to take photo of the completed dress on me yet...but it is finished.

UPDATE! So I've now had a chance to take photo's of the dress with trim.
Close up of the neckline trim and lace cuffs. Plus the buttons at the back for looping up skirts.
looped up, polonaised skirt.
With belt...
With skirts let down.

Look! Pockets!

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